Certified Manufacturing Leader
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Certified Manufacturing Leader 

The Manufacturing Leader certification provides a broad range of curriculum to enable both new and experienced leaders to build the necessary skills and knowledge to lead and support their teams more effectively.

The curriculum includes a broad range of safety courses to enhance knowledge applicable to anyone working in an industrial environment. This program includes Total Productive Maintenance that will equip the learner with skills to maintain equipment while emphasizing proactive and preventative maintenance to lay a foundation for improved production.  Lean and the foundational elements of Six Sigma target the reduction of waste and variation, while the manufacturing accounting course is included in order to understand project impacts.  Problem solving and root cause analysis training will enhance the Lean and Six Sigma tool usage to effectively identify and solve issues. The Organizational Effectiveness courses and Leadership and Development series will develop and enhance the soft skills necessary to lead in a team environment.

After completing the certification, the participant will be empowered to transition from the classroom to on site implementation to lead, improve and sustain their team’s goals.  The hands-on experience, real life examples, videos, and interactive activities will enable leading their team to reduce costs, increase productivity and improve the culture.

Course Requirements:

Safety, Health & Environmental

1.1 Introduction to OSHA
1.2 Hazardous Communications / HazCom
1.3 Materials Handling Safety Equipment
1.4 Machine Guarding
1.5 Industrial Hygiene
1.7 Ergonomics Compliance
1.8 Safety & Health Program
1.9 Fall Protection
1.10 Lock, Tag, Try: Affected Workers
1.12 Hand & Power Tool Safety
1.14 Workplace Infectious Disease Prevention

Process Simplification & Lean Processes

2.1 Lean Tools

Organizational Effectiveness

3.1 Supervisor Essential Knowledge
3.3 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Performance Metrics

4.1 Manufacturing Accounting & Control 

Process Effectiveness & Control

5.2 Six Sigma Yellow Belt
5.5 Total Productive Maintenance 
5.6 Effective Problem Solving
5.7 Root Cause Analysis

Leadership & Communication 

9.1 Leadership Development

129 Hours

Individual                      $  7,310

Group (maximum 16)   $53,585 

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