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Being a Member of a Highly Effective Team Lunch 'n Learn

Cleveland , Tennessee
30 Apr 2024
Smart Factory Institute at the PIE Innovation Center

Effective team members pay attention to what others have to say, take responsibility for their actions, mistakes, and share successes. Working as part of an effective teams encourages personal growth, increases job satisfaction and boosts overall productivity.

A high-performance team is a group of highly skilled people working in cross-functional areas and who focus on achieving common business goals. The team is aligned with and committed to shared values and vision and work towards a common objective. This highly effective team is innovative in problem-solving and is known for displaying a high level of communication and collaboration, delivering consistent and superior results. In this course, learn how to drive your team to new heights and increase employee productivity.


  • Facilitate connections among members of the same team;
  • Understand why cohesion matters;
  • Learn why it is important to make time for informal connections;
  • Learn how to actively listen and provide feedback to team members;
  • Learn how to communicate with respect for team member differences and preferences.

All associates.


Date Tue, Apr 30 11:30 am GMT-4 (America/New_York)
End Date Tue, Apr 30 1:00 pm GMT-4 (America/New_York)
Event Time Zone EDT
Individual Price $15 (includes lunch)
$15 40


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