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Fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace Lunch 'n Learn

Cleveland , Tennessee
26 Jun 2024
Smart Factory Institute at the PIE Innovation Center
Team building is crucial to an efficient workforce and employee retention, yet it can be difficult for businesses to encourage a culture of teamwork. After completing this course, participants will be able to build better work relationships within the team and promote more effective communication between team members. Every member of a team has different strengths, weaknesses and needs and team members should always be sensitive to their co-workers’. In this course, participants will understand how to use their emotional intelligence skills to manage impulses, communicate with others effectively, solve problems and use humor to build rapport in different situations.

  • Understand the dysfunctions of a team and how it is linked to emotional intelligence;
  •  Learn techniques to achieve greater self-awareness, self-management;
  •  Learn strategies to increase your empathy and social skills;
  •  Apply your learning on emotional intelligence to foster more productive work relationships. 

All associates.


Date Wed, Jun 26 11:30 am GMT-4 (America/New_York)
End Date Wed, Jun 26 1:00 pm GMT-4 (America/New_York)
Event Time Zone EDT
Individual Price $15 (includes lunch)
$15 40


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