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Lean Tools

Vonore , TN
14 May 2024 - 16 May 2024
Cleveland State Monroe County Center

Lean Tools

This set of courses cover some of the basic tools used in Lean implementations and the components that make up each. Participants will engage in a factory simulation for applied learning which will enable them to connect the tools to the hands-on experience. This training is designed for operators, supervisors, team leaders, coordinators, technicians and engineers.

Lean principles and lean tools have a very important role in various industrial sectors in today’s manufacturing world. The core idea of lean manufacturing is to maximize customer value while minimizing waste in the manufacturing process. In this class, participants will learn some of the most useful lean tools to use as part of a comprehensive lean implementation plan, achieving goals centered around reducing waste, improving efficiency and increasing customer value.

Courses Include:

2.1.1 Lean Tools: Introduction to Lean Manufacturing

  • Define Lean and its history and understand how to use lean to improve processes;
  • Review the House of Lean Principles along with Management Principles;
  • Establish an understanding of non-value added (NVA) and value added (VA) work.

2.1.2 Lean Tools: Value Stream Mapping

  • Understand how value moves through a value stream;
  • Understand the current state value stream mapping symbols;
  • Create a current state value stream map.

2.1.3 Lean Tools: 5S & Visual Management

  • Know the 5S’s and the benefits of each;
  • Be able to implement 5S throughout a facility and understand how to sustain it;
  • Define the benefits of a visually managed workplace and how to spot abnormalities quickly.

2.1.4 Lean Tools: Quick Changeovers (SMED)

  • Understand the quick changeover methodology and how to perform a quick changeover;
  • Learn the difference between internal and external processes;
  • Use the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Cycle of systematic process improvement for Quick Changeover Implementation.

2.1.5 Lean Tools: Material Flow, Pull & Kanban Systems

  • Understand the benefits of flow in a Lean system; difference between pull vs. push systems;
  • Understand each of the 8 steps in using the Kaizen approach to flow;
  • Define Kanban and uses for Kanban.

2.1.6 Lean Tools: Error Proofing (Poka-Yoke)

  • Define and understand Error Proofing;
  • Learn why Error Proofing is an important part of Lean;
  • Learn the six methods of Error Proofing.


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