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Personal Information. "Personal Information" includes any information regarding a natural person that may be used directly to identify the person. Personal Information that we collect may vary with each separate purpose for which you provide it, and it may include one or more of the following categories: name, physical address, an email address, phone number, credit card information including credit card number, expiration date, and billing address, and location data.

Usage Data. We reserve the right to collect information based on your usage of this site which is information collected automatically from this site (or third party services employed in this site ), which can include: the IP addresses or domain names of the computers utilized by the users who use this site, the URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier), the time of the request, the method utilized to submit the request to the server, the size of the file received in response, the numerical code indicating the status of the server's answer (successful outcome, error, etc.), the country of origin, the features of the browser and the operating system utilized by the user, the various time details per visit (e.g., the time spent on each page within the site) and the details about the path followed within the site with special reference to the sequence of pages visited, other parameters about the device operating system and/or the user's IT environment, and data, conversion rates, marketing and conversion data and statistics, reports, analytics data, reviews and surveys ("Usage Data"). Usage Data is essentially anonymous when collected, but could be used indirectly to identify a person.

Google User Data. Our application uses Google user data solely for the purpose of facilitating login functionality. When you choose to log in using your Google account, we securely collect and store your basic login information, such as your email address, to authenticate your identity and provide access to our services. We take appropriate measures to protect the Google user data we collect from unauthorized access, alteration, or disclosure. Your information is stored securely and handled in accordance with industry best practices. We do not share your Google user data with any third parties. The collected data is solely used for internal purposes related to authentication and user account management. We understand the importance of transparently communicating our data practices. Our in-product privacy notifications clearly describe how our application accesses, uses, stores, and shares Google user data. We strive to provide you with clear and concise information to make informed decisions regarding your privacy. We retain your Google user data only for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy or as required by applicable laws and regulations. As a user, you have the right to review, update, or delete your Google user data stored within our application. You can exercise these rights by contacting us through the provided contact information at
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