D.5 Rockwell (Allen Bradley) Studio 5000 (32Hrs)

The Allen Bradley Studio 5000 course provides the learners with the skills to write simple software code, configure the hardware and enter comments. After completing this course, participants will gain confidence in connecting the programming software to the PLC processor and monitoring the PLC software using the live software or a table of variables. 

Lesson 1: ControlLogix System 
Overview of the architecture of the ControlLogix system and flows into an introduction of RSLogix 5000. Learn how to setup communications to the PLC using RSLinx, download and upload projects, as well as determine the modes of the CPU. 

System Overview and Studio 5000 Overview; RSLinx
CPU Modes

Lesson 2 & 3: Fundamentals of Memory Management and Tag Database 
Instruction on configuring the digital and analog I/O modules. Non-Volatile Memory is discussed and the participant will learn the basics of ladder logic. The relay type instructions will be covered and how to enter and edit the in the ladder editor. 

Tag Database
Configuring Discrete I/O and Configuring Analog I/O
Ladder Logic Basics and Editing Ladder; Bit Logic 

Lesson 4: Timers and Counters 
Introduction to timers and counters, advanced features of arrays and user defined data types and instructions for doing comparisons and math are covered. 

Timers and Counters
User Defined Type
Compare Operations and Math Operations 

Lesson 5 & 6: Alternate Ways to Scan Through Routines 
The different ways to scan through routines with tasks, programs and routines and the program control instructions are included. How to document a project as well as instruction on some helpful troubleshooting tools and principles. 

Tasks, Programs and Routines
Program Control; Searching and Cross Reference
Forcing and Trending; Documentation and Troubleshooting 

Lesson 7 & 8: Overview of Repetitive Machine Operations 
Instructions used to control repetitive machine operations are covered. Introduction of the concept of Add- On Instructions by using and troubleshooting existing instructions followed by a powerful method for creating your own instructions. 

Sequencer Instructions; Using Add-On Instructions
Creating Add-On Instructions; The Message Instruction
ASCII String Instructions 

DESIGNED FORMaintenance associates, technicians and engineers. 

This course is instructor-led.

There are no prerequisites for this course. 

CEU: 3.2

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