D.6 Omron (24Hrs)

The Omron course provides the learners with the skills to write simple software code, configure the hardware and enter comments. After completing this course, participants will gain confidence in connecting the programming software to the PLC processor, and monitoring the PLC software using the live software or a table of variables. 

Module 1: Introduction and Overview of Omron CPX 
Omron CPX Software
Monitor vs Program
Uploading Hardware; Addressing; Add-On Modules 

Module 2: Bit Logic Instructions and Numbering Systems 
Bit Logic Instructions 
Numbering Systems
Load and Move Instructions 

Module 3: Communications 
Monitoring Techniques
Fault Finding and Searching 
Testing and Forcing Technique 

Module 4: Intermediate Logic Commands 
Timers; Counters; Internal Clock
Labeling of Program Elements

Module 5: Introduction to Analog Values, Scaling and PID Functions, Shift and Rotate Word Values 
Analog Scaling
PID Control Overview, Continuous and Step
Troubleshooting Open Analog Inputs and Data Values
Shift and Move Instructions 

Module 6: Programming Practice 
Programs Using Loop, Counter and Timer Controls 

Module 7 & 8: Knight Rider – Hands-on Assessment 
Hands-on assessment following instructor directions 

 DESIGNED FORMaintenance associates, technicians and engineers. 

This course is instructor led.

There are no prerequisites for this course. 

CEU: 2.4

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