2.2 Implementing Lean Manufacturing (21Hrs)

Simply put, lean organizations are customer-focused. Although the concepts behind Lean manufacturing are simple, they can be challenging to implement in our complex, ever-changing work environments. After completing this course, you will have the tools to provide a structure of a new way of thinking for your organization and launch a successful implementation of Lean Manufacturing. 

There is required work between the modules and this training includes project time and consulting. 

Lesson 8: Project Definition: Scope, Metrics and Current State Value Stream Map 
Align project identification to overall strategy;

Develop Family Product Matrix;
Define clear boundaries and measures of success;
Create SIPOC and CSVSM (Current State Value Stream Map);
Identify areas of improvement. 

Lesson 9: Future State Value Stream Mapping 
Utilize Current State map to critically evaluate and prioritize process flow improvements;

Create blueprint for Lean Transformation process;
Develop action plan based on FSVSM results. 

Lesson 10: Operator/Machine Balancing and Cellular Manufacturing 
Understand definition and benefits of Operator/Machine balancing;

Create Operation Balance Charts to incorporate customer demand;
Develop plan to create balance efficiency and reduce waste;
Assess current operations and determine feasibility of a cell-based manufacturing layout to shorten cycle times and changeover times. 

Lesson 11: Implementing Flow: Pull/Kanban 
Understand difference between and Push and Pull system;

Incorporate customer demand signals to reduce idle time between processes;
Learn how to manage, measure, and optimize work flow with data. 

Lesson 12: Accounting and Measurement of Lean 
Develop metrics to better reflect financial performance of lean improvements;

Create reports and information flow with improved understanding and empowerment;
Learn how to eliminate waste in accounting system and enable better decision making. 

Lesson 13: Leading Lean Manufacturing Continuous Improvement Activities 
Utilize planning techniques for successful event/projects;

Define and Implement measures of performance;
Gain management commitment and understanding;
Develop communication and feedback strategy. 

DESIGNED FORSupervisors, continuous improvement leaders, technicians, engineers and department managers. 

This course is instructor-led.

Lean Tools

21 Hours

CEU: 2.1

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