3.1 Supervisor Essential Knowledge (24Hrs)

This course is designed to strengthen a supervisor’s skills by helping participants overcome many of the challenges they may encounter as a leader. Participants will grow their understanding of responsible leadership and high-performance leadership of teams and explore the basic skills needed to effectively manage a workgroup. 

This course requires 1-2 pre-meetings with management to ensure company policies are accurately reflected and appropriate contacts and protocol are incorporated. 

Lesson 1: Your Role as a Supervisor and Procedures, Policies, Employment Laws and Ethics 
Define supervisor role and responsibilities;

Understand the current policies and laws affecting your employees. 

Lesson 2: Effective Meetings and Business Communications 
Learn steps to planning and executing meetings effectively;

Increase communication skills to all levels of organization. 

Lesson 3: Setting Expectations and Holding Employees Accountable 
Define and communicate expectations for your team;

Learn the importance of accountability and how to increase engagement.
Develop techniques to hold employees accountable. 

Lesson 4: Constructive Feedback and Performance Evaluations 
Apply successful constructive feedback techniques;

Improve skills in dealing with difficult employees;
Learn how to conduct effective performance evaluations. 

Lesson 5: Diversity in the Workplace 
Recognize and embrace diversity in the workplace and work team;

Build understanding of what diversity means;
Develop skills to help your team value diversity. 

Lesson 6: Workplace Security, Substance Abuse and Harassment 
Understand company policy regarding this topic;

Learn options for employees with substance abuse issues;
Develop skills to identify issues with substance abuse and harassment. 

Lesson 7: Compensation: Wages, Benefits and Fringes (OT, FMLA, Disability and Light Duty) 
Understand you company’s compensation package and associated fringes;

Partner with Human Resources on effective communication of compensation; 

Lesson 8: Work/Life Balance 
Define work/life balance for you and your team and explore work/life balance with leadership;

Learn techniques to achieve balance.

DESIGNED FORSupervisors, team leaders and coordinators that are new to their position 

This course is instructor-led.

There is no prerequisite for this course.

24 Hours 

CEU: 2.4               SHRM: 22
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