Certified Mechatronics Technician
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Certified Mechatronics Technician 

The Mechatronics Technician Certification will equip the participants with the skills and knowledge to manage, investigate, repair & troubleshoot systems, with the aim of operational efficiency and cost and process control. This training emphasizes systems management, investigation, repair and troubleshooting.

Along with the mechatronics course, this certification also focuses on Total Productive Maintenance to empower operators to help maintain their equipment while emphasizing proactive and preventative maintenance will lay a foundation for improved production. Problem solving courses are included to build the skills necessary for resolving issues effectively.

Course Requirements:

Safety, Health & Environmental

1.1 Introduction to OSHA 
1.2 Hazardous Communication / HazCom
1.3 Materials Handling Safety Equipment
1.4 Machine Guarding
1.5 Industrial Hygiene 
1.7 Ergonomics Compliance
1.9 Fall Protection
1.11 Lock, Tag, Try: Authorized Workers
1.12 Hand & Power Tool Safety

Process Simplification & Lean Processes

2.4 Quick Changeover / SMED 

Process Effectiveness & Control

5.5 Total Productive Maintenance 
5.6 Effective Problem Solving
5.7 Root Cause Analysis

Industrial Skills – Mechatronics

A.2 Mechatronics for the Incumbent Worker: Level 2 Technician

67.5 Hours

Individual                       $  3,460

Group (maximum 12)    $23,720

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