Certified Quality Specialist
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Certified Quality Specialist 

Quality is a necessity, not a luxury in any industry. The Quality Specialist certification offers a broad range of curriculum to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to implement quality improvements in any work environment.

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), the framework of procedures and techniques used to define a product quality plan focused on the development of a product that satisfies the customer’s requirements, is one of the main focuses of this certification. Problem solving courses, for both simple and complex issues, enhances the effectiveness of the APQP curriculum.

Courses regarding the core foundation of Lean, project management and the organization effectiveness elective gives the participant additional skills to manage implementation of improvement projects.

Course Requirements:

Process Simplification & Lean Processes

2.3 5S & Visual Management 

Process Effectiveness & Control

5.4 Design of Experiments
5.6 Effective Problem Solving
5.7 Root Cause Analysis
5.8 Advanced Product Quality Planning 

Product & Process Innovation 

6.1 Innovation Effectiveness

Leadership & Communication 

9.4 Project Management

Electives: Choose one of the following:

Organizational Effectiveness

3.1 Supervisor Essential Knowledge
3.2 Train the Trainer
3.3 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
3.4 Intercultural Training

TOTAL COURSE LENGTH (dependent on elective choice)
80.5 - 103 Hours

CERTIFICATION COST (dependent on elective choice)
Individual                       $  4,045 - $  5,270

Group (maximum 16)    $23,700 - $33,475

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