Certified Six Sigma / Lean Specialist II

Certified Six Sigma / Lean Specialist II 

Although the concepts behind Lean manufacturing are simple, they can be challenging to implement in our complex, ever-changing work environments. The Certified Six Sigma / Lean Specialist II takes the Six Sigma / Lean Specialist to the next level of expertise. The core curriculum focuses on the skills needed to successfully implement lean projects and culture, which will improve an organization’s marketplace and financial performance.  

The Train the Trainer course will ensure the participants build skills to effectively transfer knowledge to their teams and peers.  The addition of the project management curriculum will equip the leader with the knowledge to track and manage all aspects of projects  After completing this certificate, the participant  will have the tools to provide a structure of a new way of thinking for your organization and launch a successful implementation of Lean Manufacturing.

Course Requirements:

Process Simplification & Lean Processes

2.2 Implementing Lean Manufacturing

Organizational Effectiveness

3.2 Train the Trainer

Leadership & Communication 

9.4 Project Management 

42 Hours

Individual                       $  2,100

Group (maximum 16)    $18,625

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