D.7 ABB Robotics (32Hrs)
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This course is designed for students with strong programming skills (not necessarily ABB products). This course provides a brief overview of IRC5 Programming I for Material Handling and then instruction in IRC5 features and techniques. 

Module 1: Introduction and Safety 
Practice all areas of safety as they pertain to the robot;
Properly startup, operate and shut down the robot. 

Module 2: Program Creation and Backup 
Properly identify and recover from robot events/errors;
Perform program storage and retrieval;
Perform system backups and restoring. 

Module 3: Tools, Inputs and Outputs 
Manual and program control of inputs and outputs;
Create Tool Center Point data including tool coordinates. 

Module 4: Robot Movements 
Understand and manually operate all four coordinate systems;
Edit programmed positions;
Perform editing techniques. 

Module 5: Programming 
Program instructions, such as moves, input and output control. 

Module 6: Data Types and Flow 
Create data with proper names;
Understand programs and program flow. 

Module 7: Robot Hardware 
Review ABB circuit diagrams on the IRC5 robot controller;
Review of resolvers, revolution counters, motors and brakes. 

Module 8: Review 
Hands-on testing and troubleshooting.  

DESIGNED FORMaintenance associates, technicians and engineers. 

This course is instructor-led.

There are no prerequisites for this course. 

CEU: 3.2

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