Workplace Readiness / Employability Skills

Workplace Readiness / Employability Skills 

This Certificate is designed for unemployed workers to further their education and skills training to prepare for obtaining new employment in manufacturing. 

The Workplace Readiness / Employability Skills Certification will provide the essential skills needed to equip workers with the ability to operate in a complex production system, responsible for efficient operation of the equipment with minimal downtimes. The training covers in depth understanding and trouble-shooting of mechanical and electrical controls.

In addition to the mechatronics skills, this certification also focuses on a broad range of safety knowledge and the foundational knowledge of 5S and Six Sigma & Lean Manufacturing that will enable participants to be more productive and efficient.

Course Requirements:

Safety, Health & Environmental

1.1 Introduction to OSHA
1.2 Hazardous Communication (HazCom) 

1.3 Materials Handling Safety Equipment
1.4 Machine Guarding
1.5 Industrial Hygiene
1.7 Ergonomics Compliance
1.8 Safety and Health Program
1.9 Fall Protection
1.10 Lock, Tag, Try: Affected Workers
1.12 Hand & Power Tool Safety

Process Simplification & Lean Processes

2.3 5S & Visual Management

Process Effectiveness & Control

5.1 White Belt Six Sigma

Industrial Skills - Mechatronics

A.1 Mechatronics for the Incumbent Worker Level 1 Operator

Mechanical CAD

C.1 Industrial Math & Print Reading

Control Systems

D.1 Intro to Programmable Logic Controllers

64 Hours


Individual                      $3,488

Group (minimum 12)    $1,894 / participant

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